Monday, July 24, 2017

She was a mysterious child...

She was a creature of darkness.. It had this weird uncertainty and mystery about itself, which was weird, because usually uncertainty scared her.. But something about the stilness just relaxed her, it was weirdly reassuring..
There was nothing better than driving late at night, not knowing where she was headed, just enjoying the serenity and peacefulness. Maybe the only thing better than that was waking up early and enjoying the quiet that was interrupted only by the sound of birds chriping. She could sit on her porch drinking coffee and enjoying the tranquility for hours. Times like those calmed her down, she enjoyed being alone and those were the times she could shut down the voices in her head..

Maybe it was because of her memories from her childhood, because she felt the happiest and most at peace when her dad walked her to school at early morning, or when her parents walked her to her grandparent's house early morning before they went to work.. Or maybe it was the memories of her going on walks with her family in dark summer evenings..

She was a mysterious one..


  1. Beautiful clicks! Mysterious yet so familiar!

  2. Love you writing style and love the pictures.

  3. You surely have some poetic preferences here and I like it. Great pics as well.

  4. you captured the essence of your writing with the photos for sure! Great combination!